Manufacturers of the Van Gaalen Fish Egg Sorter Since 1984


Who we are

VMG Industries Inc. engineers products with intelligent design and quality workmanship for hatcheries around the world. Innovators in the business for thirty years, we specialize in aquaculture technology that will improve your hatchery environment, increase production and enable staff to work more efficiently.

Why we are good at what we do

VMG designers have spent years in the hatchery industry. Their experience has gone into developing, testing, patenting, and improving every product we sell. VMG understands how important it is to have reliable equipment. Our extensive research and engineering capabilities combine to bring you products of the highest caliber.

What we can do for you

Our goal is to make your business more productive by providing top quality products that bring current technology, expertise, and experience to you at reasonable prices. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your hatchery operation needs.