Manufacturers of the Van Gaalen Fish Egg Sorter Since 1984

Fish Egg Sorter

The Van Gaalen Fish Egg Sorter uses the most current technology to bring you an egg sorter that offers:

Variable egg sizes

Using our patented standard disk, the Van Gaalen Egg Sorter will sort trout eggs from 150 to 500 per ounce, or if equipped with the salmon disk, it will sort any size salmon egg. Best of all, you never have to change disks to handle different sizes of eggs.


Sorts 100,000 eggs per hour.


The patented technology uses fiber optics and modulated infrared light to scan the egg and assure you of the highest level of accuracy. Our customers regularly report 98 to 99% accuracy.

Egg counts

We know accurate counts are important so we incorporate both live and dead egg counters.

Safety and versatility

The Van Gaalen Fish Egg Sorter has been used all around the world and will accommodate any local voltage. In the interest of safety and reliability, we reduce the local voltage to 12 volts D.C.