Manufacturers of the Van Gaalen Fish Egg Sorter Since 1984

How it Works

Step 1

Eyed eggs are placed in the trough with water flowing through the bottom. Several pounds of eggs may be loaded at one time.

Step 2

The water flushes the “eyed” eggs against the patented disk where they are captured in the tapered holes in the outside of the disk. Once the egg sorter is fitted with the disk matching the type of egg you are sorting (trout or salmon) it will sort any size egg inserted.

Step 3

Fiber Optic Sensors

The eggs in the disk then pass an electronic scanning device which, using modulated infrared light, detects dead eggs. All with 100% ambient light immunity.

Step 4

Dead Eggs Ejected

Dead eggs are then ejected out one side of the sorter while the live eggs travel to the opposite side where a gentle flow of air ejects them into a curtain of water which carries them to a separate container – safe, sound and ready for further incubation.

Step 5

Fish egg sorter control panel.

The counters then increment, providing accurate totals of both live and dead eggs sorted. Each time a dead egg is detected, a light comes on giving you visual assurance that everything is working correctly.